Press Releases

  • Missing Sales Opportunities in Grocery

    March, 2012

    Front-End Focus research profiles consumer buying patterns and defines best practices for retailers to maximize checkout performance

  • Maximizing Opportunities at Self Checkouts

    March, 2012

    This White Paper presents an overview of the current status and future prospects for self checkouts in the retail environment. It was developed by DHC based on store audits, shopper interviews and discussions with retailers and other industry experts.

  • Front-End Focus Featured in New ECRM Conference

    May, 2010

    ECRM has announced that a Dechert-Hampe presentation will be featured at a new event: The?Checklane and Front End EPPS? conference on June 15-17, 2010 in Adventura, Florida.

  • Research Reveals Major Opportunity At Front-End Checkout

    April, 2010

    The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) announces that the findings of a comprehensive new study of the front-end checkout will be revealed at the FMI 2010 Show in Las Vegas on May 11.

  • Front-End Focus Study Presented at FMI in Las Vegas

    March, 2010

    Front-End Focus will be featured at the 2010 FMI Show in Las Vegas, on May 11-12. It will be a part of the FMI Customer Innovation Zone. Front-End Focus is a comprehensive research study of checkout shopper behavior and merchandising best practices.

  • Retailers Missing Huge Opportunity at Front-End Checkout

    December, 2009

    This article in Candy and Snack Today reveals strategies to increase category sales in grocery. It features an interview with DHC consultant Ray Jones and references to DHC research studies.


  • Research Discussed at Progressive Grocer Front-End Checklane Roundtable

    By Joseph Tarnowski

    Progressive Grocer

    DHC participated in a Progressive Grocer Front-End Checklane roundtable held at a recent ECRM event in Atlanta. The roundtable featured retailers from several channels, including grocery, drug, convenience store and mass merchandisers.

  • Front-End Focus Report Highlights Best Practices

    Mass Market Retailer

    The key to generating incremental sales at the checkout is to follow the Best Practices established by the Front-End Focus research.

  • Tackling the front-end

    Grocery Headquarters

    Many grocery retailers are not doing enough to maximize front-end sales. Here are some ways to improve the numbers.

  • Maximize Checkout Performance

    By Raymond D. Jones Managing Director, Dechert-Hampe & Co.

    Candy & Snack Today

    The front-end checkout area represents a critical location for confectionery and snack suppliers that want their products to benefit from high-traffic exposure and impulse purchases.

  • Front-End Focus Study GMA CPG Grand Award Winner

    Honoring Time/Warner Retail Sales & Marketing for Innovation and Creativity in Front-End Merchandising Optimization.

  • Rethinking the Front-End

    By Tom Weir

    Progressive Grocer

    A Six-month study says supermarkets are selling themselves short at checkout by as much as $2 billion.


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